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Pool Stat

Instructions on how to use Pool Stat

  • Click on Home or Away team button on top of this page
  • Click on the Team Login button
  • Enter your Team Pin and click Submit. If you do not know your Team Pin you can click on the Team Pin Button at the top of this page.

Choosing your team line up

  • Home Team is the first to enter their team list by via the Select Players and Subs bold text.
  • A full list of players will be displayed on the screen plus the legend of all games on the left hand side.
  • Players must be selected in the order you want them to play in the match
  • When all players are selected click save
  • Away team then selects their players and clicks Save
  • Both teams will then be taken to the home page where both teams are to then click Lock In Players

Entering Results

  • Home team is responsible for entering in the results. To do this click Enter Results.
  • All singles will be pre-entered into the match. To select the doubles click and hold the space of the match and all available players will present in a drop down menu.
  • To award a player a win click the blue hyperlink ?  if you accidentally press the wrong name you can undo this by clicking the ? again.

Making Substitutes

  • To do any subbing click and hold the hyperlink name of the player you want to sub out. A drop down menu of available players will show. Then click the player you want to sub in.

Finalising the end result

  • When the match is finished, click Finalise Match. Both teams will need to do this. Any team can write any comments before finalising the match.
  • Once you have finalised the match you have completed everything that is needed for the game.

To view the current ladder standings and player statistics

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